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As a McKellens Masterclass member, you have access to a growing collection of online resources such as slide decks, reading lists, case studies, papers, films and access to a growing network of other business owners and managers. Check back to this section regularly to see new materials and updates.

Session 31, 20 Mar 2020

How To Interpret The Numbers In Your Accounts

Do you understand the numbers in your accounts?

Session 32, 17 Apr 2020

What It Means To Be A Director

Do you have a full understanding of what your role as Company Director legally entails?

Session 33, 15 May 2020

How To Never Lose Another Customer

Could you benefit from a Masterclass on how to react well to things that go wrong?

Growing businesses, Changing lives

Developed by McKellens (leading North-West based Chartered Accountants), the new Masterclass membership programme is built upon a series of real-world commercial strategies and practical solutions to support small businesses. Applicable know-how from some of the world’s leading business thinkers and writers is delivered through an invaluable compilation of interactive group sessions and digital resources, supported by over 100 years of McKellens’ experience in helping small businesses to grow.

  • Masterclass sessions

    90 minutes of McKellens sharing real-world strategies, tools and experiences on a variety of business development topics.

  • Expert speakers

    Expert speakers from inside and outside McKellens’ business network, sharing additional insights and value.

  • Strategic boards

    Draw from the strength of our members’ experience and expertise to help tackle your current business challenges.

  • Online resources

    Our Masterclass hub hosts a growing collection of resources, building on the topics covered in the sessions and more.

  • Facebook group

    A members-only closed Facebook group; network with other members, share wins and challenges and ask others for advice, around the clock.

  • 100+ years’ experience

    A masterclass supported by McKellens’ 100+ years’ experience, growing businesses, changing lives.

Systemising strings for Tonetech

Tonetech specialise in providing anything you'd need to build, repair or service guitars. Learn how McKellens Masterclass have helped them to improve efficiency through systemisation.

Making the grass greener at Cheadle.

Cheadle Golf Club was established in 1885 and is the oldest 9 hole golf club in Cheshire, suitable for all categories of golfers.

Helping to grow CRM business for JCM

JCM's aim is to help you create the ultimate vision for your business and provide you with the right solutions and the best expertise available, to enable you to achieve it.

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