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As a McKellens Masterclass member, you have access to a growing collection of online resources such as slide decks, reading lists, case studies, papers, films and access to a growing network of other business owners and managers. Check back to this section regularly to see new materials and updates.

Session 1, 20 Oct 2017

Price Discrimination Strategy

Why and how people pay different prices. So many ideas that are practical and profitable for you to start using straight away.

Session 2, 17 Nov 2017

Guarantee Your Way to Bigger Sales and Profits

Using guarantees to drive up sales. How can you dare to give guarantees that the competition would pale at?

Session 3, 21 Dec 2017

3 Keys to Business Improvement

Part 1: Innovation

The 3 things you must do to move your business forward. Change what you do and dramatically improve your results.

Session 4, 19 Jan 2018

Change In Tough Times

It is your job as a business leader. In reality you have to embrace it and get on with not stick your head in the sand. 9 steps to change / 3 secrets.

Session 5, 16 Feb 2018

Goals: You Can Win at Life

Real life examples, group discussion, takeaway handouts and a chance to talk about your business.

Session 6, 16 Mar 2018

3 Keys to Business Improvement

Part 2 : Quantification

Measure in a statistically valid way what works and what works best.

Session 7, 20 Apr 2018

Price Discrimination

Part 2

Why and how people pay different prices. So many ideas that are practical and profitable for you to start using straight away.

Session 8, 18 May 2018

7 Ways to Sell More

Do you ask your customer the right questions each and every time?

Session 9, 15 Jun 2018

3 Keys to Business Improvement

Part 3

Systems within your business; test new ideas, replicate and grow and increase your profitability.

Session 10, 20 Jul 2018

Time to do the Important Things

How to find time to do the important things.

Session 11, 17 Aug 2018

Footgolf + Creative Session

A chance to relax, unwind and have some fun with other Masterclass members.

Session 12, 21 Sep 2018

Pricing : Presenting your value

Stopping people shopping on price, value pricing when value is subjective and the tick list technique for presenting your options.

Session 13, 19 Oct 2018

The 80:20 Principle

This is the principle that applies to many things in life, that 20% of our effort produces 80% of our results.

Session 14, 16 Nov 2018

Disruptive Selling

Not hitting your sales targets? Are bad habits preventing you from getting the best deal for you and the customer?

Session 15, 21 Dec 2018

Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever!

Heading in the right direction? This session will look at setting some big, hairy, awesome goals for 2019.

Session 16, 18 Jan 2019

Effective Communications

At the end of this session you will have your own 2019 content plan tailored to your business and ready to roll out across the year.

Session 17, 15 Feb 2019

Build A Business People Want To Buy

Explains business valuations, what potential purchasers look for and the three key factors to a big difference to your businesses' sale price.

Session 18, 15 Mar 2019

Five Ways to Super Profits

If you are worried about your business or looking at what else you could do then the Five Ways to Super Profits session is just for you.

Session 19, 12 Apr 2019

Toyota Can Help Your Bottom Line

How to apply the quality principles that have made Toyota so successful to your own business, no matter how large or small it is.

Session 20, 10 May 2019

Pricing Power Strategies

Overcoming price objections, the power of guarantees and why there is no such thing as the 'right price'.

Session 21, 21 Jun 2019

The Benefit of Having a Significant Other

Learn how a Non-Exec could add value to your business and what it takes to become a Non-Exec.

Session 22, 19 Jul 2019

Creativity For Business Breakthroughs

How creativity can lead to a paradigm shift, what creativity is and what controls it & more.

Session 23, 30 Aug 2019


A Members Only Event.

Session 24, 20 Sep 2019

Progress in 2019, Push, Push, Push

Review your goals from the beginning of the year and identify what you need to do in order to ensure 2019 ends positively. You will leave with a 90 day plan to ensure this final quarter is successful.

Session 25, 10 Oct 2019

£2 Million Summit Special

How do we grow in uncertain times? How do businesses take advantage of opportunities within the challenges of a fractured economy? Our £2 million McKellens Masterclass Summit will answer these questions.

Session 26, 15 Nov 2019

Critical Non Essentials

Discover how to manage the Critical Non Essentials of your business to ensure a streamlined and quality experience every time.

Session 27, 18 Oct 2019

Going from Good to Great

What would it mean for your business if your profits were three times higher than your competitors?

Session , 17 Jan 2020

The Winning Formula; Leadership, Strategy and Motivation

details tbc

Session 28, 13 Dec 2019

What’s the plan for 2020?

Discover the whys and wherefores of business planning and explore why failing to plan is really planning to fail.

Session 29, 17 Jan 2020

The Winning Formula; Leadership, Strategy and Motivation

"How does a Pit Crew change four wheels in 1.9 seconds? And what does that mean for a company like Blackberry?" Discover what Formula 1 can teach us about business of life.

Session 30, 21 Feb 2020

Lifestyle Planning

Guest Speaker Dan Barrell from Cameron Chase Limited will speaking on 'Lifestyle Planning.'

Session , 20 Mar 2020

How To Interpret The Numbers In Your Accounts

Do you understand the numbers in your accounts?

Session , 17 Apr 2020

What It Means To Be A Director

Do you have a full understanding of what your role as Company Director legally entails?

Session , 15 May 2020

How To Never Lose Another Customer

Could you benefit from a Masterclass on how to react well to things that go wrong?

Session 31, 01 May 2020

Getting Paid During Covid-19

This month's Masterclass will teach you the secrets of how to get paid in full, on time, every time by every single customer.

Session 32, 15 May 2020

How to Deliver Sensational Customer Service during Lockdown

Do you feel like Lockdown is preventing you from delivering exceptional Customer Service every time? Learn how to deliver sensational customer service every time.

Session , 01 Jan 1970


Session 33, 05 Jun 2020

How to Keep You and Your Team Motivated during Covid-19

“How do we stay motivated, especially when we are working remotely from our team during the COVID-19 pandemic?"

Session 34, 19 Jun 2020

How to make it in business without losing it in life.

How can you make it in business without losing it in life? Particularly in the Covid-19 world where your instinct may be to step up yet another gear to protect your future income?

Session 35, 03 Jul 2020

How to Get More Customers for FREE

Are you struggling to attract more customers to your business without paid for advertising?

Session 36, 17 Jul 2020

Beat the Recession – a Blueprint for Business Survival

Learn how to Beat the Recession and follow a blueprint built for business survival.

Growing businesses, Changing lives

Developed by McKellens (leading North-West based Chartered Accountants), the new Masterclass membership programme is built upon a series of real-world commercial strategies and practical solutions to support small businesses. Applicable know-how from some of the world’s leading business thinkers and writers is delivered through an invaluable compilation of interactive group sessions and digital resources, supported by over 100 years of McKellens’ experience in helping small businesses to grow.

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    90 minutes of McKellens sharing real-world strategies, tools and experiences on a variety of business development topics.

  • Expert speakers

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    Draw from the strength of our members’ experience and expertise to help tackle your current business challenges.

  • Online resources

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    A members-only closed Facebook group; network with other members, share wins and challenges and ask others for advice, around the clock.

  • 100+ years’ experience

    A masterclass supported by McKellens’ 100+ years’ experience, growing businesses, changing lives.

Systemising strings for Tonetech

Tonetech specialise in providing anything you'd need to build, repair or service guitars. Learn how McKellens Masterclass have helped them to improve efficiency through systemisation.

Making the grass greener at Cheadle.

Cheadle Golf Club was established in 1885 and is the oldest 9 hole golf club in Cheshire, suitable for all categories of golfers.

Helping to grow CRM business for JCM

JCM's aim is to help you create the ultimate vision for your business and provide you with the right solutions and the best expertise available, to enable you to achieve it.

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