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Disruptive Selling and Hitting Your Sales Targets.

24 Oct 2018

October’s Masterclass on The 80:20 Principle, was hugely successful and a wonderful session to kick off our Season Two of Masterclasses. Our next session takes place on November 16th in the McKellens Suite at Cheadle Golf Club.

This session will be run by guest speaker, Chris Moran, Managing Director to JCM Business Solutions and the theme for this session is Disruptive Selling.

Are you not hitting your sales targets?
Are bad habits preventing you from getting the best deal for you and the customer?

If so then November’s session is for you. In this session, Chris will explore how thinking outside the box and taking a radically different approach can increasingly lead to better long term relationships with your customers. Together we will look at how different industries have adopted disruptive thinking, and how having a structure around your sales approach can significantly improve performance.

This session will particularly focus on the popular S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N model which allows you to quickly and accurately analyse leads. The S.C.OT.S.M.A.N model asks you to consider;

S- Solution
What have you got that can help?
Do they understand the impact you will have on the business?

C – Competition
What are the risks?

O – Originality
Why should they buy off you?

T – Time Scale
When are they likely to place an order?
How can you influence this?

S – Size
Is the business worth chasing?

M – Money
Do they have a budget?

A – Authority
Are you talking to the right people?

N – Need
What is it the prospect actually needs from you?

Done correctly, the Scotsman Model is a quick way for staff to determine how to prioritise their efforts as well as analyse the potential lead.

Benefiting from the shared experience and expertise within the group, you are guaranteed to leave the session with some definitive takeaways, actions and thoughts that you can implement straight away in your own business. Not forgetting the wonderful refreshments that are provided during the sessions.

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