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Getting Paid during Covid-19

22 Apr 2020

This month’s Masterclass will teach you the secrets of how to get paid in full, on time, every time by every single customer. You will leave this Masterclass having learnt all areas of getting paid – from making sure your money arrives on time to making sure that it arrives in full – and shows you how to create a fully-fledged system that will do wonders for your cash flow. It concentrates on 17 bold, ground-breaking and proven ideas that will make debtors a thing of the past.

If you’ve ever thought your systems for getting paid could be improved, you really need to come along!

Attendees will also be able to get our Getting Paid Checklist which contains 43 ideas to help you collect every single penny you are owed.

Due to COVID-19, McKellens have transformed their award winning McKellens’ Masterclasses into an Online Workshops to help small businesses and entrepreneurs learn a series of practical and straightforward, instantly implementable actions to put them in control of their business during this time.

This online masterclass will last an hour with the opportunity to have a LIVE Q&A, so you can ask questions relevant to you and your business and receive support from the strategic board present.

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