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How to Interpret the Numbers in Your Accounts

24 Feb 2020

Develop a clearer view of the numbers that matter

Event Date: Friday 20th March 2020

How often do you set aside time to understand the numbers in your accounts? Every week, every month or never?

Your numbers matter! Why? Because they are, or at least should be, the driving force behind every business decision you make. Without fully appreciating your costs, cash, assets, working capital and profit, how do you know your acceleration plans are going to make you money? How will you know which projects you should retire?

Our ‘How to Interpret the Numbers in Your Accounts’ Masterclass will help you:

  • Discover the 3 critical things you must monitor if you want to make more money
  • Get to grips with the different measures of profitability, including how to correctly
  • Analyse your costs and how to manage your assets and working capital
  • Understand the difference between profit and cash and how to analyse your money ‘drains’
  • Appreciate why your return on investment can be a better measure of performance than simple profitability

    The Masterclass focuses on tried, tested and proven approaches to developing numbers intelligence. It includes a case study of a business that will help you gauge the importance of certain underlying issues when making key decisions.

    Who should attend?
    Small business owners and managers seeking to make better decisions about their business.

    Learning outcome
    You will leave the session with a new-found confidence in how to apply the power of your numbers to business growth.

    About the Trainer
    McKellens masterclasses are facilitated by Chartered Accountant and small business expert, Chris Booth. During his distinguished career, Chris has built up impressive knowledge from his own experiences as a small business adviser and as an avid learner of global business best practice. As a result, he is able to offer practical insight into how solutions in other sectors can be applied to local businesses.

What the McKellens Masterclass Offers

About the trainer

McKellens masterclasses are facilitated by Chartered Accountant and small business expert, Chris Booth.

What the McKellens Masterclass Offers

Perspective on your business. Time and space in the comfortable setting of Cheadle Golf Club to work on rather than in your business

Positive critique from our mini strategic board made up of Masterclass peers and presenting a great opportunity to road test your ideas and seek advice

Continuing peer support beyond the 90-minute masterclass through our closed Facebook group

Flexible times with a choice of an early morning or mid morning kick-off

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