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Is Covid-19 impacting motivation levels in your business?

26 May 2020

Lost your mojo? Join us at our webinar ‘How to keep you and your team motivated during Covid-19 and beyond’ on Friday, 5 June 2020 and we’ll show you how to get it back!

After so many weeks of lockdown and uncertainty, it’s hardly surprising if you’re feeling a little, well, deflated. Juggling your usual business workload with remote team management may be taking its toll on your energy levels; and that’s before home-schooling and caring for shielded relatives are added to the equation.

So how can you find the time to keep your business running at optimum performance?

The answer lies in your leadership. As Harry S Truman once declared, “you can accomplish anything in life as long as you don’t mind who gets the credit”. As the leader of the team, you’re not expected to do everything; in fact, the most effective leaders know when to delegate.

Our virtual masterclass explores how motivation comes from setting a clear plan and goals.

The 60-minute session starts at 10am and covers:

  • how to prevent your own motivation levels from dipping;
  • how to motivate your team especially when you are not there;
  • what activities, structures and working practices to employ to keep all motivated; and
  • how to get maximum results from understanding the interaction between the task that needs doing, the team undertaking the task and the individuals within the team.

Delegates will be provided with sure-fire tips on how to maintain and harness team energy levels to meet key business objectives.

Attending the session also includes an invitation to join our private Facebook Forum, allowing you to:

  • engage with other small business owners and managers to seek advice and test out new ideas; and
  • access the recorded sessions which are available to view again in PowerPoint.

The session will be led by our very own Chris Booth. It includes a live Q&A where you can pose questions to Chris and to other business owners and managers in attendance.

Access to the online masterclass is available at an introductory rate of £37 plus VAT.

Book your place at: ‘How to keep you and your team motivated during Covid-19 and beyond’.

If you have any questions about the session, please feel free to contact us on the usual number or at

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