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McKellens Masterclass £2 Million Summit

01 Aug 2019

Are you getting enough… from your small business?

If you’re a small business owner then the answer is more than likely a no and on many levels. BUT this is probably because you’re far too busy, dragged down into the detail and you stop doing it – you stop looking where you’re going and you stop looking at your numbers.

At our McKellens Masterclass £2 Million Summit, we want to give you as a small business owner, the opportunity to lift your head up for a morning, to take some time out away from the day to day and do what the best businesses in the world do, take a good look at your own numbers and move your business forward in the right direction.

Have you ever wondered how the business giants do it? Grow their business in uncertain times and take advantage of the opportunities within the challenges of a fractured economy?

In the light of rising Interest Rates and Brexit, you as a business owner need to recognise the opportunities which are presenting themselves in this current climate. In our £2 Million Summit, we will teach you how to do this and take advantage of them.

Would you like to get into a room full of like-minded small business owners, join in some interactive workshops and learn from the experts? Our session will cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • Identifying your Goals – Where do you want to go? What is your goal?
  • PMI Systems
  • 8 Key Profit Drivers
  • Cutting Costs – How to and what Costs to cut
  • Family and Business
  • Understanding Mortgage and Compound Interest
  • Credit Control
  • Measuring your statistics – Are you measuring the right numbers for your business?
  • Carehome planning
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Selling a Business – When is the right time?

What would you do with £2 MILLION? How would that make you feel?

Join us for FREE on Thursday 10th October for our McKellens Masterclass £2M Summit and get the answers you need to make your numbers add up.

8.30am Registration

9.00am Workshop 1

10.30am Coffee Break

11am Workshop 2

12.30pm End of workshops

12.45pm Light lunch, Q&A with the experts and time for networking

You will leave with the essential toolkit to help you to make more money in your business and achieve the success that you are looking for.

A guaranteed return on your investment,
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We are so confident that becoming a member of the McKellens Masterclass will help you to grow your business and ultimately change your life, that we will guarantee a minimum 5x return on your 12 month membership investment or we will give you your money back.

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