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Planning for Your Next Big Life Event

20 Jan 2020

There’s change ahead but can your finances cope?

Event date: Friday, 21 February 2020

What significant life event is next on the horizon for you? Buying your first home, stepping higher up the property ladder, a wedding, plans to start or expand your family, or early retirement?

It’s never too early to plan for a lifestyle change! In fact, it makes perfect sense since the earlier you plan, the less you need to set aside each month leading up to your big event.

Sound financial planning can be likened to a road map – only some of us haven’t yet decided on a final destination. It sometimes helps to have a navigator who can help to identify our end point, ensure we’re on the right road and steer around the bumps along the way.

With the guiding hand of independent financial planner and guest speaker Dan Barrell of Cameron Chase Ltd, this masterclass aims to introduce delegates to better financial planning for their dream lifestyles through:

  • understanding their personal mindset and how to get out of bad habits;
  • learning to spend as well as learning to save;
  • achieving true financial independence – in other words, how to remove reliance on any asset, person or source of income;
  • weighing up their liquid and fixed assets; and
  • understanding lifetime cashflow planning and scenario setting – do the numbers add up?

Who should attend?

Anyone who is planning or expecting a change in their lifestyle.

Learning outcome

You will leave the session with an expenditure questionnaire which presents the first step in identifying your assets and where you might be ‘leaking’ money.

About the trainer

McKellens masterclasses are facilitated by Chartered Accountant and small business expert, Chris Booth.

Guest speaker at the February event is Dan Barrell from Cameron Chase Ltd. Cameron Chase are Independent Financial Planners with a difference. Dan and his colleagues motivate their clients to get the most out of their finances but do so by helping them understand their own personal drivers and through embracing technology to plan for, track and achieve their goals. 

What the McKellens Masterclass Offers

Perspective on your business. Time and space in the comfortable setting of Cheadle Golf Club to work on rather than in your business

Positive critique from our mini strategic board made up of Masterclass peers and presenting a great opportunity to road test your ideas and seek advice

Continuing peer support beyond the 90-minute masterclass through our closed Facebook group

Flexible times with a choice of an early morning or mid morning kick-off

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A guaranteed return on your investment,
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We are so confident that becoming a member of the McKellens Masterclass will help you to grow your business and ultimately change your life, that we will guarantee a minimum 5x return on your 12 month membership investment or we will give you your money back.

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